Collection: Mata Rani Chunri

Hinduism has a rich heritage and rituals that are uplifting to the souls that have deep roots in meaning and importance. In Hinduism, every ritual and custom performed during puja ceremonies, festivals, or events is a means of expressing respect and drawing nearer to the Almighty. The ancient Vedic practises of making offerings to the Goddess and God such as lighting a ghee lamp or giving a chunri to the Goddess are also of great significance.
When worshippers of the Goddess present chunri, they honour the Shakti, or feminine principle, that governs this universe. You may choose from a wide selection of Mata ki Chunri that is crafted from various materials and features exquisite patterns and hues. The rich chunris give the altar and the idols a gleam. Chunri is a crucial component of celebrations. Women wear it as a scarf on their heads and shoulders during religious events, rites, and celebrations. It is fashioned of auspicious hues and hung around deity idols and altars.
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