Collection: Jugal Jodi Poshak

Here are many devotees of Krishna who chant Radha Krishna, the names which are bound together. We've all grown up hearing stories about Radha Krishna's love.
The narrative of Radhe Krishna made us believe in love, whether it was told to us by our grandparents, parents, teachers, or on television shows. Their name became a love metaphor. Radha Krishna is a name that can never be separated and that’s why they are worshipped together.
Traditional Radha Krishna Poshak/ Jugal Jodi Poshak for your beloved Jugal Jodi are available online at Zariiwalaa. People offer dresses, accessories, and many more things to get their blessings so that their love lives can be improved. Purchase the Radha Krishna dress online to adore the deities! Heavy embroidery and handmade Jugal Jodi Poshak are available. Devotees strive to decorate their Radha Krishna idols as nicely as possible for every occasion.
We have so many temples where this Jodi is worshipped with love and purity. One of the most popular temples is Nidhivan which means “Treasure Forest”. People out there have no windows at their home that faces the temple, as many say Krishna Radha do Ras-Leela there. In the morning time, it seems like someone used the bed or ate something. No one is allowed to see or roam around the temple at night. To worship the god, you can visit the temple in the day time. People dress them, stitch clothes for them, and do their shringar you can see many people buying Radha Krishna dress online or making them on their own.